Oil Flange Kit Banjo VKLR for GTB2260VKLR MERCEDES

MODOSPORT Oil and Water Flange kit GTB2260VKLR for Mercedes 320 350 CDI 248ps 255ps 261ps 265ps turbochargers.


Compatible Turbocharger:

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This kit includes: 

Oil Inlet - ID 10 mm to fit a banjo bolt.
Oil Outlet - OD 15 mm to fit a tube/pipe of ID 15 mm
Water Inlet - OD 15 mm to fit a tube/pipe of ID 15 mm.
(OD - Outside Diameter, ID - Inside Diameter)

1pc Metal Gasket/Seal

2pcs Bolts with internal hexagonal head
2pcs Nuts
4pcs Spring lock washers
1pc Banjo Bolt
2pcs Cooper washer

1pc Banjo 45°/90° to fit PTFE hose

All parts are made in Stainless Steel 304 SS (except gasket and cooper washer), to keep excellent quality of the kit.

The contact surface with the turbo was machined, so it will be perfect joint with no leaks.

Turbocharger is not included.


To the following GARRETT part numbers OEM OEN: 
- GTB2060VKLR (802774-0005, A642 090 1686)
- GTB2060VKLR (816841-0001, A642 090 1886)
- GTB2060VKLR (816841-0002, A642 090 1886)
- GTB2060 VKLR (826830-0003, A642 090 2486)
- GTB2060VKLR (826830-0004, A642 090 2486)
- GTB2260VKLR (794877-0004, A642 090 9580)
 (Other, please ask)

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