294mm BREMBO 4P Brake System Kit to fit RENAULT CLIO II RS. A set of quality and powerful products selected and produced by MODOSPORT to provide stunning stopping power for the CLIO 2 RS. This Stage 1 is made for those who are looking for the highest standards to raise race needs to the next level of high performance, under the most common wheel sizes, 15”. To improve product performance and reliability, MODOSPORT Design and Engineering department uses Finite Element Analysis (FEA) in product development of mounting brackets to simulate how the products react in real-world conditions and ensure that the design is able to perform to specifications prior to manufacturing. The Kit was also been track/road tested prior to public release. Mounting brackets are aerospace grade anodized aluminum CNC machined, combining high strength, toughness, stress corrosion and cracking resistance. The ventilated 294mm disc enhance stopping power and improve the cooling performance over the standard 280mm disc. The greater air gap thickness creates a greater airflow as the rotor spun, resulting in cooler rotor temperatures. Also the air intake of the ventilating space is made from the inside of the car, which allow more advantages in the installation of brake cooling duct to improve cooling performance in the vanes. Even with the additional diameter over standard disc, the weight of our BREMBO disc pair is lower (13.9kg) than Clio II 172/182 standard 280mm (14.8kg). This kit also widen the offset of the front axle, increasing each side by 5mm, reducing in some cases the needed of wheel spacers. Compatible car models: CLIO II PHASE 1 172, CLIO II PHASE 2 172 and CLIO II PHASE 2 182.

Designed to Race.  |  Made in Portugal.

MODOSPORT is a Portuguese brand of automotive parts with racing DNA, focused on the quality of the products it develops and markets. To achieve this purpose, we have a multidisciplinary team that promotes strategies to ensure an efficient management of project and production, that guarantee an excellent price-quality ratio of the products and fulfill the client's requirements and the expectations, always with the goal of achieving a satisfaction and consequent loyalty.

Our entire product development process involves numerous commitments in all its stages: analysis and evaluation of automotive industry needs, concept development, 3D scanning and reverse engineering of the zone to be operated, 3D modeling of the product based on scanning, testing and simulation with digital and physical prototypes, optimization and validation of results, mass production and launch in the market.

Our focus on development allows us to offer customized parts made in Portugal, most often unique or pioneering parts on the market, that improve the performance of your car so you can focus on what is most important in a competition - driving pleasure.

These are the reasons why MODOSPORT is Designed to Race.
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