Exhaust Flange Kit GTB for GTB2260VK BMW

MODOSPORT Exhaust Flange kit GTB2260VK for BMW 30d 245ps 255ps 258ps 261ps turbochargers.


Flange size: *
Exhaust KIT: *
Compatible Turbocharger:

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This kit includes: 

- FLANGE:                               
Central gas flow hole with 2 different size options, depending on your exhaust pipe diameter 

- CLAMP (Optional): 
1pc Metal Clamp
(This Clamp is to embrace the Turbo and the Flange, fixing them together)

 - GASKET (Optional): 
1pc Metal Gasket/Seal
(This Gasket/Seal is to be placed between the Turbo and the Flange)

Turbocharger is not included.

To the following GARRETT part numbers OEM OEN: 
- GTB2260VK (777853-5, 7799758F)
- GTB2260VK (777853-6, 7799759F)
- GTB2260VK (777853-10, 7799758G)
- GTB2260VK (777853-11, 7799759F)
- GTB2260VK (777853-13, 7799759G)
- GTB2260V (792460-8, ...)
- GTB2056VZK (806094-10, 7823202J)
- GTB2056VZ (817763-2, ...)
- GTD2056VZK (835109-9, 8584218)
(other please ask)

You must choose the size:
- 70 mm - for pipe OD 70 mm, ID 66 mm, T 2 mm, P 220 mm
- 76.1 mm - for pipe OD 76.1 mm, ID 73 mm, T 1.5 mm, P 239 mm
(OD - Outside Diameter, ID - Inside Diameter, T - Thickness, P - Perimeter)

All parts are made in Stainless Steel 304 SS (except gasket), to keep excellent quality of the kit.

Due to the optimization of material on its construction for weight and space reduction, care must be taken when welding the downpipe tube on it. It is important to not overheat the flange, in order not to cause any deformation.



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